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General Information Hydra is one of the Saronic islands, close to Athens. It is considered the most cosmopolitan, and many celebrities from Greece and abroad own houses here, or spend their vacations on this pretty island. Even though it has a good nightlife, it is quiet since cars and motorbikes are not allowed.

The people on Hydra live off tourism to a great degree, but there are also fishermen and farmers on the island. Hydra also houses a large amount of artists, and many foreigners have settled down on the island. Because it is so close to Athens Greece, many islanders also work in Athens during the winter

.History Hydra has been inhabited since pre historic times, and some believe it was the home of the Hydra - the horrible monster Heracles killed, thus its name.

Not much is known about the island's ancient history, but it played an important role in the 15th century, when people from the mainland and the islands sought refuge here from attacking pirates and Turks.

Hydra had an important fleet in the 18th century and it was sometimes called "Little England" because of its European flare and commerce. It was one of the strongest island during the war of Independence which began in 1821, and contributed with its huge fleet of 130 ships.

What to See Hydra town is a lovely place just for strolling around. Many of its buildings date back to the 18th century, and is built around the harbour. Here, you can visit many art galleries, the churches of St. Constantine (ag. Konstantinos), the Virgin Mary (with a tall clock tower) and St. John (Ag. Ioannis) for example.

There are many monasteries on the island open for visitors. Note: you must dress appropriately to be let in: long skirts and covered shoulders for women, long trousers for men. The nunnery Ag. Efpraxia and the monastery of the Prophet Elias (Profitis Elias) are both situated on Mt. Eros and both have breathtaking views to offer.

Other monasteries are Agia Trias, Agios Nikolaos, Agia Matroni and Ag. Zourva. The two latter are nunneries.

What to Do :Apart from relaxing by the sea and perhaps doing a few watersports or snorkeling, you can also take daytrips to the neighbouring islands and Athens, as well as the ancient sites of Delphi, Mycenae and Epidavros.

Hydra Beaches The beaches on Hydra are pebble beaches, and the most popular ones are Molos, Palamida and Kaminia, which are more sandy.

Nighttlife:Hydra town has a very good and varied nightlife. Most places are quite sophisticated and relaxed, but there are also clubs and discos where you can party until the morning.

Food-You can eat both traditional Greek and international food in the many restaurants on Hydra.

Shopping:Although you can find almost everything here, the most typical thing to buy on Hydra is gold jewellery and precious stones.

Getting Around Almost all vehicles are prohibited on Hydra, so you'll have to settle with walking, taking a ride with a horse and carriage, or take a donkey ride where it is offered. There are also excursion boats that can take you to some of the beaches.

Getting There :The easiest way to get here is to take a direct flight to Athens and then the ferryboat or hydrofoil from Piraeus. The island also have boats to and from Spetses and Poros.

Facts about Hydra* Hydra Phone numbers*
Size: 50 sq. km International code: 0030
Airport:: No Local code: 22980
Cashmachine: Yes Health Center: 
Internet cafe: Yes Police: 
Highest Mountain: Port Police: 52279 (01/4511311 Pireus)
Price rate: Above Average Telephone company (OTE):

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